This mod pack aims to provide you one pack for many RPG-Mods, so that you have a variety of different kinds of RPG-like things in Minecraft.
The pack consists of mods that were NOT made by me, but I have permission for every mod (Either his license allows redistribution or I have the author's written permission)

There are 2 different versions: normal and full version. The full version contains everything you need including Forge and PlayerAPI and the normal version doesn't. If you already have Forge and / or PlayerAPI and RenderAPI installed, use the normal version:
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The mods and the permissions of the owners

MineFantasy 1.6.5_01 by Anonymous Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Assassin'sCreed++ 4.1 by senpaisubaraki (Permission by PM)

Mineya 1.4.6 by senpaisubaraki (Permission by PM)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 1.6.4 by sheenrox82 (Permission by PM)

The Eternal Frost 1.5b3 by poiuytrezay (Permission by PM)

Millénaire 4.1.8 by Kinniken (Permission by PM)

Forge by LexManos is licensed under Forge Public License (for the license text see the download)
Source codes

Player API / Render API 1.5 by Divisor (Permission by PM)


Look at the README file in the downloaded zip file for installation instructions.


You are not allowed to redistribute this mod pack, but you can look at the mod's license or (if their license doesn't allow redistribution or if they have no license) ask for permission.
You have to follow the licenses and copyrights of the mods which you can find at the mod's thread or website.
You are not allowed to make money of this software or anything based on it.
You are not allowed to decompile it / get the source code.
Now that I told you what you mustn't do, I can tell you what you can do:
You are allowed to use this mod and everything you create with it

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